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It's 2:00 am as you channel surf trying to fall asleep. Mindless infomercials whiz across your screen offering quick weight loss, anti-aging products and real estate tips to make you the next Donald Trump. You've seen every stupid infomercial idea ever conceived...until now.

Introducing a revolutionary money making oportunity that anyone from nine to ninety years old can afford. SELL OUT: The 99 Movie - THE FIRST MOVIE EVER MADE FROM YOUR SPARE CHANGE and guaranteed to make you an instant movie producer for only 99!

Con man Rico De La Vegas dreams of becoming an over night Hollywood hot shot producer. But he needs one million dollars to finish production on his video movie masterpiece. So Rico, enters your late night viewing and here's his sales pitch.

"Everyday Americans in every city across the nation give spare change away to homeless people and get nothing in return. So why not give me your spare change? Your 99 donation will help me make my movie and you'll get an honorary producer credit".

Enter the dark and twisted late night world of television infomercials with Rico De La Vegas and the hilarious satire, SELL OUT: the 99 Movie!

by "Sell Out' co-director Alex D'Lerma

My co-director, David Kitchens is the co-owner, along with our executive producer Ben Zarai, of Juniper Post, the emmy winning post audio facility in Burbank.

We met during production of my first feature, "Alvarez & Cruz," and David, Ben, and I really connected and discovered a shared juvenile sense of humor.

And so we decided to team up on an idea David and I had for a comedy called, "SELL OUT: The 99 Movie." The story is about con men who will do anything to make their movie. Sound familar? We plotted out a feature length script together but decided to make a short film version of our story first to help raise interest (and hopefully funds) for the project.

One of the big gags in the feature length script is when our main character, Rico (played by me), broadcasts an infomercial asking people to send him 99 (basically their spare change) to help make his movie. We just thought this would be hilarious to do in real life too. So our associate producer Russuel Emanuel created a Sell Out web site. Hopefully millions of people will hear about our short film, visit the web site, and donate their spare change. Hey come on, it's only 99!

"SELL OUT" is an Alex D'Lerma and David Kitchens film, co-produced by Juniper Post and Tostado Productions.


Alex D'Lerma is a Mexican/American Film Maker/Actor/Writer and former Radio Personality heard for fifteen years on several California radio stations.

Unhappy with the types of roles and material available to him and fellow Latinos in the industry Mr. D'Lerma decided to become part of the solution. He created Tostado Productions and became an independent film maker and screen writer.

To date Tostado Productions has written, produced, directed and edited one feature length film, five UCLA student films, two short subject films and numerous industrial films and training videos.

This year Mr. D'Lerma optioned his feature length horror screenplay, "DEVIL'S CHILD," to producer/director Richard Friedman and is scheduled to direct a documentary for the musical group CELESTIAL NAVIGATIONS followed by another short film titled REDEMPTION for producer John "Rusty" Proctor.

Mr. D'Lerma also teaches film study courses at UCLA extention in Westwood, California.